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We are currently taking online bookings for heat pump servicing in the North Shore on Thursdays and Rodney/Whangaparaoa on Fridays. Select your region and choose your time below. To book in an area outside these regions, please contact us to make your booking.

  • Thursdays only. $140+ gst for one unit, $65+ gst per additional unit.

    From $140+ gst
  • Fridays only. $140+ gst for one unit, $65+ gst per additional unit.

    From $140+ gst
Why it's important to have your heat pump serviced:


Reduce your power bill with your next heat pump service. Just like your car, all Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure a long operating life. Heat Pump manufacturers recommend the units in your home have a full service carried out on an annual basis. Having your Heat pump Serviced can increase the efficiency of your unit by 10-30% in return reducing your power bill. 


Nobody wants expensive power or repair bills so book your heat pump tune up today.

  • Extend the lifespan of your unit

  • Increase the performance efficiency of your unit

  • Reduce your power bills

  • Lower the cost of your repair bills

  • Keep your heat pump clean and virus free

  • Provide you with exceptional heating and cooling all year round.


Residential heat pump service contains the below:


  • Removal and washing of the indoor unit filters & the disinfection of the coil

  • A flush drain with one litre of water to check the drain termination is clear of debris and obstructions

  • Checking the fan wheel and motor for excessive dirt build-up, noise and balance

  • Checking air on sensor holder and clean

  • Wiping down unit casing and removal of all finger marks

  • Test running unit on heating/cooling and record on/off temperatures

  • Checking and changing batteries in the remote controller if required – New Batteries will be charged in addition to maintenance.

  • Washing down outdoor unit

  • Checking for any noise and vibration

  • Checking electrical terminations and tightening if required

  • Checking the outdoor unit for vermin or insect nests

  • Checking service valves and flare connections for leaks, plus checking and tightening the service caps

  • Checking that the interconnecting service’s penetration through the wall/floor is sealed

  • Clearing all debris away from under the outdoor unit

  • Completing a report and letting you know any pertinent findings

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