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AP-Horizontal-Airflow.jpg Heat pumps we install

High Wall mounted units are a very popular option for your home or office. With many different models available there is an option to suit everyone's individual requirements. They offer exceptional performance and efficiency whether it's for heating, cooling or even dehumidifying.  


MFZ-KJ_GreenRoom_Cat_cmyk_edited.jpg floor console heat pumps qb electrical install

Floor Consoles are a great alternative to a High Wall mounted unit. If you have limited wall space for a high wall installation or just looking for something a little more discreet then this is a great option. Floor consoles perform exceptionally well and make it easy for future servicing. QB Electrical can also recess these units into the wall for an even sleeker look. 


MLZ-KP_Lounge.jpg floor consoles qb electrical install

Ceiling Cassettes are a great option if your home or office space has no where to mount a High wall or Floor console mounted unit. They are mounted recessed in your ceiling with the pipe work, drain and cabiling going through your ceiling space to the outdoor unit. They deliver a nice even flow of tempered air throughout the space with their four sided louvers and discrete profile.  


Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 12.20.27 PM.png Multi head system heat pumps we install

A Multi Room Heat pump and air conditioning system is great for situations where you want individual room control in your home or office. You can select multiple different indoor units that will then connect to one outdoor unit also known as a multi head. This is also a great option if you are limited for outdoor space as you will only require one outdoor unit. Talk to QB Electrical and we can design the best multi room option for you. 


ducted_bedroom.jpg ducted heat pumps qb electrical install

Ducted Systems are a great option if you want whole home comfort without having to install a heatpump in every individual room. Ducted units are mounted in your ceiling space or under the floor, allowing you to have either discrete ceiling or floor mounted grills to supply the space with heating or cooling. These are particularly popular in new builds, where QB Electrical can work alongside your builder to make your whole home comfort a reality. 

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